Most Search TikTok’s Trends

TikTok tends to satisfy the cravings of people especially the young ones, when it comes to being fun, creative and or when boredom hits you, watching videos on TikTok can entertain you whether the trend is about those smooth dance moves, catchy music, cooking tips or anything you can think of.

But with all of the fun stuff that’s happening on TikTok, aren’t you curious what’s the most searched videos are? You may think that the most viewed videos and most searched videos are always the same but nope! 

The most searched videos are often popular challenges of dancing, pranks, DIY home renovations, and some are life hacks or fashion tips.

Here are some most searched videos that can entertain you on TikTok:

  • Liz Seibert – Fashion secrets all models use
  • Interiors – DIY Tile Mirror
  • Sarah Cothran – As the world caves in
  • Mekhi – Tiktok Dance Challenge 
  • Nnamdi Anunobi – Calling my mom by her name
  • Andrea Logan – This is how you search for and apply to jobs
  • Crystal Marie – When they add you by “search”
  • Feel Good Foodie – Low carb zucchini tater tots
  • Adrian Ghervan – Life Hacks

Haven’t seen these videos yet? They’re sure worth watching!

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