Most Searched Tiktok Songs 2021: Get Hype!

TikTok is all about sounds, funny skits, educational content, or whatever you have in mind. Popular TikTok songs help videos become viral and win a place on the For You Page, with anything from humorous voice-overs to catchy mashups. While new kinds of music are made and posted to the app daily, standouts have already achieved TikTok stardom this year. We are collecting top TikTok songs into one playlist for you to enjoy.

Shake up your playlist! The popular and the most searched TikTok songs are here! Lip-sync, sing, and dance along with the music as we play it up for you.

  1. Streets by Doja Cat – The incredibly popular rap stanza on Streets has recently made the TikTok rounds. Streets is a slow-paced, seductive banger from the queen of TikTok music, and it is not as uptempo as her previous popular tracks.
  2. Oh No by Kreepa –  While it has been the soundtrack for a slew of viral successes, it is most often used to depict the moment when someone discovers they are in trouble or find themselves in an amusing position. 
  3. Buss It by Erica Banks This is one of several transition films used by TikTokers to show off their favorite clothes and looks. Instead of merely exposing the transition in a typical way, the user can drop down into a squat-style dancing motion at the end.
  4. Driver’s License by Olivia Rodrigo – Everyone has heard this one by now, but we would be negligent if we do not include it because it is the most popular song of the year thus far. It has arrived at number one on the Billboard charts and set several streaming records, including Spotify’s record for the most song plays in a single week.
  5. So Pretty by Reyanna Maria – On TikTok, switching from no makeup to makeup is a popular video style. And tunes like this one help to make the transitions even smoother. For the first few beats, those that use this sound will imitate striking the camera. Then, show their new look during the “I’m so pretty” phrase.
  6. Vacation by Dirty Heads – This song is popular for TikTokers flaunting their employment because of the lyric “I’m on vacation every single day because I love my occupation.”
  7. Telepatía by Kali Uchis – This tune is best suited for instructional videos or other content that doesn’t require a voice-over. Everything from hair tutorials to simple recipes has had it in the background.
  8. It’s Not The Same Anymore by Rex Orange County – This calm and beautiful acoustic session is meant to demonstrate how different the person filming now appears than they did previously. People will exhibit a photo of themselves from a previous time in their lives, then show themselves today.
  9. Caution by Kaytranada – It is another well-known song frequently used as background music in several videos. It is best to add voice-overs over because of its relaxing pace and repeated sonances.
  10. I Am by Yung Baby Tate feat. Flo Milli – This inspirational song has gone popular on TikTok because users misinterpret the lyrics as positive affirmations, which is understandable given the opening line, “I am healthy, I am wealthy.”

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