TikTok In 2021: Will Be Useful For More Brands and Influencers As A Marketing Tool

TikTok has grown in popularity so rapidly that many brands have yet to understand or even recognize the platform. However, this is changing, particularly now that TikTok has a formal advertising network. Expect to see a sizable increase in the number of brands marketing on TikTok this year, particularly those targeting Generation Z or the Millennials.

Likewise, as TikTok numbers have risen, so have the number of influencers on the platform. In the early days, TikTok was mainly known for people making their versions of music videos. However, people upload a much more comprehensive range of videos to TikTok, allowing more people to become recognized as experts in different fields. Also, quite a few influencers on other platforms have created a TikTok presence to widen their exposure. Thirty-five percent of influencers say they have started to use TikTok more frequently over the past year, according to a Tribe Dynamics survey.

The increase in influencers will also help increase the number of firms marketing on the platform. Many firms work with influencers to help sell their products to their numerous followers. TikTok has an intelligent algorithm that accurately presents suggested content to viewers. It makes it easier for brands to reach their target customers through paid ads or influencer marketing. We do now recognize TikTok as a successful marketing strategy, after all!

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