Tiktok’s Most Searched Videos 2021

TikTok is now dominating the entire world. It becomes the number one social media platform that people use to share happiness and radiate positive vibes. It even takes one’s boredom away. By watching short video content, we can do a lot! Cry, laugh, learn, educate, sing, and dance. 

With millions of TikTokers, you might be wondering what the most searched videos are. Know that the most searched are not always the most viewed. Why? It is because some most-watched videos eventually pass by on one’s FYP or For You Page. On the other hand, the most famous Tiktoker’s video might not be the most searched. But if you know what’s trending, you’ll probably have a glimpse of those.

Usually, the most searched videos are based on the trending songs out for the week or the month. Others are on the latest TikTok challenge. People ought to look for videos that are currently on-trend as it gives them a sense of update. 

Here are some of the most searched videos on Tiktok:

  • Kali- mmm mmm 
  • Lil Earl- Shake That Ass
  • Nicki Minaj- Good Form
  • Young M.A – Hello Baby
  • Olivia Rodrigo- Good 4 U
  • Trinidad Cardona- Dinero
  • Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On 
  • Megan Thee Stallion – Thot Shit 
  • Wafia – Heartburn 
  • Maneskin – Beggin’
  • As The World Caves In – Matt Maltese
  • Internet Money – His & Hers 
  • Rihanna – Disturbia
  • Joshua Ona – Caroline

Did you also happen to search those mentioned above? If Yes, Wow! You’re probably a Tiktok lover.

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