TikTok’s Vids Just For You

When we hear about TikTok, most of us think that the app is just for fun and entertainment but what if you can learn something from it and enjoy it at the same time? Yes, it’s possible! If you have something that you want to do but you need something like, an inspiration to help you with your ideas like decorating a room or if you wanna cook something nice for a special occasion and or you just simply want to learn something, TikTok has got you covered! 

Many would assume that the most popular videos are the most searched videos on Tiktok, well, not everything. 

As you may know, most searched videos are also about fun facts, history, ideas that can help you improve your skills or that can make things easier for you in your everyday house chores.

Here are some helpful, most searched videos on TikTok:

  • Viv – It’s not always scratch made at home
  • Jaime Cittadino – Cover those ugly wire shelves
  • Soheil – Improve your skills at Home #Soccer
  • History Videos – Wherever the Vikings went
  • Pure Wow Recipes – 7 Food Trends that will Dominate
  • Sergio-Fat loss Coach – 3 ways oatmeal can help you with weight loss
  • DIY & Home Decor – What’s new at IKEA for fall 2021
  • Michelle See – Do you know that freezer bags are useful for so much more
  • Zena – One minute of Inspiration
  • Marianesia – Super easy and tasty

Watch these videos and gather as many ideas as you can!

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